2021 Mountaineers Athletic Fund Membership Guide

2 2021 Mountaineers Athletic Fund MAKE IT HAPPEN All contributions given to the Yosef Club provide financial support toward App State student-athletes. Below are areas that are included in each student-athlete’s expenses for the 2020-21 academic year. SCHOLARSHIPS INSURANCE HEALTH NUTRITION MEALS LODGING SUPPLIES TRAVEL $ AID $25 MILLION $50,000 COST PER STUDENT-ATHLETE TOTAL EXPENSES “ ” Thank you for all you do for us and the support you continue to give our programs each and every year. We greatly appreciate all of the generosity and are continuing to work to make the Yosef Club proud! The graphic below shows the amount of scholarships the NCAA allows, compared to the amount App State Athletics provide. Closing this scholarship gap and competitively funding all sports will better position our student-athletes to compete for championships. This will also provide more opportunities for future student- athletes at App State! Help us close the gap!! Scholarship Gap Student-Athlete Expenses Kendall McGowan Baseball Senior 204.87 19-20 App State Limit 233.70 NCAA Limit 28.83 Scholarship Di erence 28.83 Scholarship Di erence $175,925.22 In-State $749,407.02 Out-of-State Dollar Equivalent Below NCAA LIMIT 19-20 APP STATE LIMIT